I describe myself (at the moment) as a consummate life-long Inner Space Explorer and student of the new field of Synotheology.

On a road to… somewhere. So, what is The Wild Soothsayer? Your guess is a good as mine. While I have a myriad of ideas swirling in my head even as I type, I am not entirely sure of what this website will become as it evolves. A blog, a portfolio of writing, curious thoughts and odd observations or perhaps just a gathering place for fellow inner-space explorers.

The joke around my house is that I am an insomnia intellectual that has solved the world’s problems 100 times over when I should be asleep. There is more than a little truth in that jest. I suspect that many or perhaps all, of my interests may be explored in this place in time. It’ll fun to find out. I have opted for a pseudonym. Not so much in effort to hide but rather because I needed a way to find my voice that was separate from all the other many roles a person can find themselves in though the course of the day or of a life. Those familiar with the term code switch will find the concept all too familiar. There is also the new old standby from mothers all, across the cyber-sphere “whatever you do please don’t embarrass me on the internet!” To all shy mothers everywhere, especially my own, I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good, I’ll do my damnedest.

If you haven’t visited a local purveyor of books lately you may not know that there are more than just few odd titles about how to craft a career on the world-wide internets. I have read a fair number of those books. In having done so I have managed to successfully scramble my brains with all manner of brilliant and contradictory must or must not do suggestions. All of these, “easy to follow” guides guarantee success if only you follow their instruction to the letter. Begging the question “which set of easy to follow instructions?” Who the hell knows? Not me. So I plucked a few ideas from one or the other; a few from zeitgeist and the rest from the ether and the Ethernets and few from parts of my imagination I have yet to name made myself a doozy of a to-do list and got started.

So, begins my journey to…somewhere. You’re welcome to join me. Come on inside.