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Your local library is a treasure hidden in plain sight. I have been in a passionate love affair with my local library ever since I got my first borrowers’ card at the tender youthful age of six. Then, just now, I am a frequent visitor. I have borrowed every form of media that the library had to offer. Books, DVDs, Music, Audio books and now even eBooks there is something there for everyone. My local library offers classes on topics from Facebook basics to crochet. You can meet with the adult coloring group or join a mystery readers book club. As a young student I became familiar the amazing staff at the reference desk and the special room dedicated to all things local history.
One of the best things for me as a child is that there were no bullies at the library. I was always and odd, and bookish, duck. The library was a safe place for a word nerd such as myself. I would spend hours at the library and was always made to feel welcome. I can still recall the trip my father and took the venerated reference desk for assistance with locating the paperwork for my first copyright application. While I am sure she has forgotten me I’ll never forget the help and encouragement she offered at the time. Telling me I was the youngest person she had encountered asking about copyright law.
My library has expanded over time, sprouting the kids only section in newly constructed 2nd floor, a book sale room in a remodeled basement, computer lab fund by the Bill and Melinda gate foundation and no less than 3 AV ready meeting rooms free to all members. When my grandmother passed I mentioned it to the staff and they sent my Aunt, who visits at least 3-4 days a week and has for over 20 years a condolence card. This is the kind of community available for free or with any luck the occasional donation at your local library.
I know some libraries are struggling but if you have one nearby stop by for a visit. If it seems lacking maybe donate a small amount, or book they can lend, or sell or your time. Think about it as no risk investment. I still get a kick out finding books I donated in high school still in circulation on the shelves.
Word Nerds of the World Unite! Support your local Library.

Recommendation: Libraries
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Rating: 7 of 7 Delphi
Get It: A library is recommended for all audiences.
Difficulty: All ages.
Maturity: See your local librarian for sag guidance.
Skip It: If you happen to be dead?
Overall: Must visit for all manner of humans and service aninmals.