The Seven Threads
As a nearly lifelong experiencer of mental illness I have tried any number of therapeutic approaches to wellness and life design that had been informed by college level study, the obsession of any true autodidactic and personal experience. Through all this I find myself drawn to imagery of braiding and weaving. With an eye to sacred numbers I find myself envisioning a weaver building a tapestry with seven threads. The threads are like the child’s rainbow; R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.; varying in not only in color but in texture. I can see the weaver working the loom to craft a picture of my ideal life.
I find this image coming back to me again and again and again. Sometimes it’s a tapestry. Sometimes it’s a seven-strand rope, a life line. Other times it my wife’s long hair in a seven-part braid. Always seven. Which I admit lends itself to my minor obsession with natural prime numbers. I have not books filled thoughts and ideas on the subject and even considered modifying my higher education pursuits to accommodate those thoughts. Admittedly, possibly a fool’s errand or at least an obsessive’s one. That said; I thought I would share my thoughts, disparate as they are. Surprisingly, this an activity that people in my life are encouraging this endeavor. So here are the broad strokes of what I call my Seven Threads.
Psychological: What are thinking?
Emotional: How are you Feeling?
Spiritual: What expands your being?
Relationships: Who do love?
Altruism: How are you kind?
Physical: How is your body?
Recreation: How do have fun?
There are many ways in which elements overlap and I hope to explore those overlaps in more detail as time goes on. In the meantime; I’ll start at top of the list and work my down in future posts.